Leasing & Management Services

We are a leasing and management company only. There are full time agents actively engaged only in the leasing and property management business, not sales.

Listed properties are aggressively marketed through advertising, mailing promotions and a comprehensive media mix including our website and various other internet listing sites. Additionally, we strongly pursue and encourage cooperation of referral business with outside brokers.

Following is a brief description of the services we offer. Items one and two are for "lease only" properties; all six would apply if we lease and manage the properties.

  1. Screen prospective tenants through credit bureau information and/or condo-homeowners association screening and verify both personal and business references to the best of our ability.
  2. Completion of all leasing documents.
  3. Do pre-and post-occupancy inspections to determine disposition of security deposits.
  4. Lease, collect rents and security deposits, collect sales and resort taxes if required and prepare monthly reports. In addition, we handle operational supervision of the property.
  5. Follow through on all warranties and repairs.
  6. Issue a monthly statement of account showing income activity on each property.

Our fee for a lease-only is one month's rent.

A management property is charged 6% of the gross rent at the beginning of the lease term and 10% per month during the remainder of the contracted lease term. A renewal term will be charged at a rate of one-half month's rent and 10% per month during the remainder of the contracted lease term.

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